Monday, June 20, 2011


Let the trials and tribulations of Rep. Anthony Weiner be lesson to all the men out there regarding unwanted penis pictures. As model and representative of the female population, I've gotten my fair share of  penis pictures of all shapes and sizes emailed to me.  I wasn't impressed with any of them, not only did I think their members were lame, but the men were too. You see, the male instrument is not an attractive body part, it is clearly functional. It may feel good, but it's not pretty to look at, especially for women. Men are more visual creatures and get heated by a sexy picture, but for a woman, a penis shot, does nothing for us except either creep us out or completely turn us of, even if we did like you in the first place. You lose major cool points at even attempting such lameness.

The same goes for chest pictures too, unless you're male model status and have a glamorous career/and or bank account to go with chest pic, it really is unnecessary. Having the ubiquitous picture with your shirt off and you posing in the bathroom mirror with the IPhone is so common. It doesn't make you stand out in front the crowd, it puts you dead center in the middle of ordinary.

The truth is you don't have to do all that to be attractive to women. We don't work that way. It's in our nature to be attracted to man who can protect and provide. Yes, we can admire a man who is attractive, but we are more into how you treat us. That's why you see the hot chick with  the chubby troll, he knows how to treat a woman and what to say.

Advice from a Dimepiece

 I can't understand why men take advice from another man on how to get with a woman. There are plenty of books dedicated on how to be a player, mack, etc. and there are guys reading it like it's the Bible and getting the wrong information. I get hit on all the time, mostly to the detriment of the guy. I'm picky and ornery, but I have been conquered. Most guys are just doing it all wrong. Let tell me you what's worked on me and what hasn't. If it works on me and all my girlfriends, it will work on anyone. You may not be looking for a relationship, you might just want sex, but there methods to the madness. I consider this a community service, because I can't hear one more stupid line again.